Packages & Events

We work with a number of sporting organisations, clubs and schools each year and cover an ever-increasing number of events. Our role at these events is to provide a diverse range of images capturing the event, the athletes, the experience.

We also work directly with athletes and their families to capture what is important to them - as mementos, for social media, to attract or promote sponsors, for scholarship applications etc. We offer a number of packages at each event we attend to ensure no one misses out on having their event attendance & memories captured. 

We have a few different options catering to individual players and their families.

Our Packages

Silver Package

Five/Six fully edited, high resolution images.

High resolution images ready for social media, send to the fam or just add to your stash. 

If you want us to swing past your game and focus all our attention on you - this is the pack you are looking for!

The Silver Package is available at most of our  events - pricing for the Silver Packs start at $70.

Gold Package

Ten/Twelve fully edited, publication ready images.

Images are fully edited, ready for publication giving you a wider selection of content for future posts and other uses. 

Tell us what type of shots you are after and we will do our best to get you doing your best. 

The Gold Package is available at most of our events - pricing for the Gold Packs start at $120

Platinum Package

18 fully edited, publication ready images.

This is our biggest and best - perfect for your team or if you are after photos of you doing just about everything!

Images are fully edited, ready for scholarship applications, sponsorship proposals, publication on socials providing a range of content for your posts. 

The Platinum Packages are limited to particular events and start at $195.

Upcoming Events

Indoor Events

Long Skinny   Vq Isc 2024
2024 Ajvc   Adelaide   Jotform Website
Long Skinny   Vq Ssc 2024
Long Skinny   Pvl 2024 1
Long Skinny   Vq Jsc 2024

Previous Events

Linktree   For The Gram

Our newest photography package is back for this years Beach Season!! For The Gram - Beach Edition.

Designed for beach tournaments (QBVT, ABVT & AJBVT) - 21 awesome action shots from across the season - minimum of 3 rounds (7 photos per round), maximum of 7 rounds (3 photos per round) across stunning beaches and different events!

Mix and match your tours, pick your favourite locations - set and forget... until you receive that first awesome image after day 1! We know you want to post to the 'gram ASAP, so we'll have 1 image ready for the gram before you hit the sand the next day!

21 post worthy photos from the events you choose!

*If any rounds are cancelled, you can't attend, we can't attend etc, we will work with you to find a suitable outcome. Book your 'For the Gram' pack now...

Long Skinny   Volley Slam 2024

ABVT Champs, Youth Champs, Schools Cup & BPT Futures

Long Skinny   Squash Australian Junior Open

Australian Junior Open

Long Skinny   Squash Ojc

Oceania Junior Championships

Linktree   Ajbvt

Australian Junior Beach Volleyball Tour

Sandstorm Jnr Series

Sandstorm Junior Series

Sandstorm Juniors 01

QBVT - Sandstorm Juniors

Super Long Skinny   Qbvt Champs

Queensland Beach Volleyball Tour