Upcoming Volleyball Events

2020 has been an interesting year all round.

While we routinely review major orgs pages for updates, we are keen to discuss your needs for however this year pans out. 

We know the teams at Volleyball Australia and Volleyball Queensland are working hard with different formats depending on restrictions and we are adjusting our calendar accordingly.  

If you haven't got it bookmarked, here's the link to VQ's working calendar - 2020 Working Calendar

Volleyball Australia have a couple of different proposed calendars - dependant on State and Federal 'Government directives and Schools, State Member Associations ability to select, train and prepare teams for these competitions' - VA Events Portfolio 2020

Volleyball Ii

Volleyball Tournament Photography

We have been photographing volleyball in Queensland since 2010 and have been the official photographers for Volleyball Queensland from 2015.

We have also covered a number of events for Volleyball Australia (both indoor and beach) over the past six years. 

We want to make our photography as accessible as possible and offer packages to most VQ events throughout Queensland.   

If you want some awesome photos of you and/or your teams at events - book us!

** coming soon **

We are working on our calendar so you can see what we have on our radar