Content packages

2022 is the year!!!

In addition to our standard event packages, we are launching a couple of new services!!

Photography, Video and we can even help you with your social media!


For the gram - beach edition

New for 2022!

We are offering a 'For the Gram' package - getting you fresh content across 5 different events! 

Instead of locking in 6 photos per round, we'll hook you up with 3 awesome shots at 5 different events!

We know you want to post ASAP so we'll have 1 low res ready for the gram before you leave the sand to recuperate Saturday night!

5 events, 15 photos - $150

- Digital images only. 

- Seniors only - at this stage we are only offering this pack for Seniors (Prem/Elite & Challenger) only.

- Low resolution image = perfect for social media post. 3 images will be supplied post event in high resolution.


Your Content - Your Way

Looking for great content to take your website or social media to the next level? 

Have an idea but not sure how to get it looking professional and share-worthy? 

We are here to help!! 

New in 2022, we have a range of Content Packages available photography, video, a little... or a lot of both. 

We will prep you, shoot you, edit you and have your best ready to share to the world.

From mini sessions right through to comprehensive two hour photography & videography packages - we have you covered!